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Reusable food container silicone bag, Full Set 6, 2Cups, 2Dishes, 2Bags Zip Containers Storage, 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag, Stand Up Preservation Bag, Rounded interior for easy cleaning.

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(1234 customer reviews)

  • ►MADE WITH 100% PLATINUM SILICONE – Virtually indestructible and endlessly reusable, food grade, Stovetop, freezer, oven & dishwasher! They are food safe and can be microwaved and heated up to 425°F (220°C).
  • ►DESIGNED FOR VERSATILITY: They are perfect for storing many kinds of foods, like sandwich, snacks, sauces, meats, baby, fruits, vegetables, dog and pet food and much more, can all go from freezer to microwave to table. These new containers will change the way you store, cook and even eat.
  • ► HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – XOMOO reusable Silicone bag Containers Set deliver the highest Food grade platinum silicone gel quality standards and are free from BPA, Lead, PVC and Phthalates, Contribute to a green planet free from plastic waste! That’s why our food containers are the safest choice for you and your family.
  • ► PACKING AND TRAVEL No lids to store, Simply pull the zipper apart and you have an open zipper bag, Hold your favorite salad, morning oatmeal, kid’s snacks, or fruit. A great storage solution for craft supplies, like crayons. zipper cups even Fit in your car cup holder! Ideal for travel.
  • ►UPGRADE SEALED LEAKPROOF AND FIXED DESIGN: erectable base, internal circular design is easier to clean, more convenient to fill, transparent design can quickly browse the internal content Excellent zipper closure makes the freezing more sealed, airtight, leak proof, waterproof Ideal for storing and storing food.

30 in stock

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XOMOO Silicone zipper cup Made of 100% platinum silicone. Virtually indestructible and endlessly reusable, these new containers will change the way you store, cook and even eat

XOMOO Silicone zipper cup Designed for Versatility. Soups, chilis and sauces can all go from freezer to microwave to table. But don’t stop there. Use it for travel or on the go.
Thick can only be placed in the refrigerator, Freezer safe flexible and expandable When freezing. Thick silicone helps protect your food from freezer burn.
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1234 reviews for Reusable food container silicone bag, Full Set 6, 2Cups, 2Dishes, 2Bags Zip Containers Storage, 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag, Stand Up Preservation Bag, Rounded interior for easy cleaning.

  1. nia dennis

    I’ve been looking for some reusable containers that actually hold food. And these work perfectly

  2. Analily Fazio

    i support any product that is good for the environment

  3. Joseph Jegier

    I like the product, however I wish the sizes were larger.

  4. Lauren Query

    I have other silicon bags that I use but they are terrible to wash. I love that these ones are dishwasher and microwave safe!!

  5. Christina Falsone

    Love the options of sizes— thank you so much!!

  6. Jay McGregor

    I am excited to eliminate all plastic in our kitchen. Now we have wood, steel, porcelain, glass, and silicone.

  7. Kristi Smiley

    I am very happy with the product, but there are not many family members or friends that I have that I would share it with because they are not likely to buy a reusable product that they have to wash. I don’t mind going to the extra effort because I appreciate not throwing out single use plastic.

  8. Janelle Gross

    Just purchased and washed, so far so good!

  9. Kevin

    It is well made with multiple uses

  10. Sana

    Great quality product. They have different sizes too

  11. Michelle Coluzzi

    A nice product, though feels a little haevy/bulky compared to traditional plastic bags. We will have to get used to that but in the meantime we appreciate being able to use less plastic.

  12. Michele Castro

    Feel thick and durable. Will recommend to friends and family.

  13. Julia Renouard

    Just got them but they seem very functional. Love that they stand upright.

    I’m experimenting with different silicone containers to get rid of my plastic.

  14. Ashley Bell

    It’s a very nice product and affordable.

  15. Linh Gutierrez

    Easy to use and like that I have reduced my plastic consumption.

  16. Laura A Elder

    I purchased this product for camping and discovered I love it for home use as well. Reheating in the microwave at home and reheating leftovers in boiling water on the stove top while camping. Amazing product. Easy to clean and store as well. Good bye plastic containers.

  17. Victoria

    They are good quality and they stand , very easy to close them practical for sandwiches and store food for the freezer and the most I’m so happy to use them to save the planet from using plastic

  18. Ariel Allensworth

    These containers are extremely durable and easy to use. Very happy with these!

  19. Paresh

    Good for using food material for daily use

  20. Jonathan Garcia

    Bitching ass product weird but handy it a bag made of silicone what the hell else can be said

  21. Thomas Rollins

    Product is as advertised. Stand up feature is a plus.

  22. Erin Hunsicker

    Perfect choice. Easy to use and to clean. Wanted to get away from the disposable plastic bags

  23. Marie Reeder

    I’ve tried so many other plastic alternatives, but these are by far the best replacement for zip lock bags yet. Just got them and excited to try them out. Even my husband is impressed by the design and ease of zip lock.

  24. Cindy Girdner

    I no longer have to use so many ziplock bags and have to throw them away

  25. Stephanie Brooks

    I was looking for silicone, resealable containers to replace our disposable ziplocs and to take around with me as a bike commuter. These fit the bill perfectly! They are so easy for the kids to eat out of, or to store snacks and some leftovers in.

    As a bike commuter, having the smallest snack sized containers were most valuable. They fit in the small pockets of my kid’s backpacks. I’ve now purchased two sets of the 6 piece and one of the snack size two-piece.

    I DO wish the smallest food container was sold on it’s own and in pink. It’s the one we use the most.

    The smaller round one is great for the cupholders in the car.

    Overall, one of my favorite purchases in our house!

  26. honey bhatnagar

    Its one of the best in the market

  27. Shara Davis

    I haven’t tried it yet, just got them today.

  28. Cassandra Roberts

    I really like the idea of user friendly sustainable containers with so many uses. I tried another brand that’s twice as expensive as this one and they both perform equally well.

  29. Coco Brown

    Love the variety of sizes, the zip closure seems really secure, been looking for alternatives to single use plastic bags.

  30. Tyler Beck

    I bought these because I wanted to try reusable bags. I will never go back to throw away bags! These things are fantastic! I love how versatile they are! I can freeze my food, throw it in the microwave and eat it right out of the container!

  31. Samantha Morin

    Great price and design is very competitive to main stream reusable bags.

    Would recommend

  32. Cheryl M Scoledge

    I love that they stand providing me a hand free when filling! I’d like to find one around gallon size so I can easily fill with marinade and meats and shake it all up in them.

  33. Diane Thompson

    Looks very sturdy, versatile, and easy to clean.

  34. Sarah Roselli

    With 3 people packing lunches, we need a reusable solution. Now that I’ve used the multi-pack a few times, the medium pieces are the best size for us. I’m really happy with the product. It does get water spots in the dishwasher, but we have hard water so that’s expected and doesn’t affect the function. If you don’t get it sealed quite right, they can leak.

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