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Silicone Sheet Pan Set, XOMOO 4 PCS Nonstick Silicone Dividers for Baking Trays, Baking Pan Dividers with Ribbed Bottom, Baking Cooking Accessories for Oven Dinner Prep, Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer Safe.

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(47 customer reviews)
  • FLEXIBLE IN USE – Using pan dividers to separate food in baking allows you to make different flavors of ingredients at once, meet different taste needs and reduce cooking time. You can also stagger foods that require different cooking times in the oven to get the most appropriate heat. Perfect for families with picky eaters or dietary restrictions.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The silicone sheet tray divider made of premium silicone is naturally non-stick, so baked goods can be easily released from it, only small amount of oil spray needed. They are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher or washed with warm water. You can even flip it over from the bottom to clean the corners.
  • EXCELLENT HEAT RESISTANCE – XOMOO Silicone bakeware is thick enough on the bottom and sides to accommodate temperatures from -50 to 220 degrees. It can be safely baked and heated in ovens and microwaves, and then served as tableware, finally the leftovers can be put directly into the refrigerator
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – The silicone sheet pan is BPA-free and extremely durable and can be used over 5000 times. No more wasting of tin foil or parchment paper, friendly to the environment. They do not produce any odor even after long term use, and are stackable to save storage space
  • You will receive 2 small and 2 large silicone trays that can be perfectly nested in a 10*15inch bakeware, and they are also perfect for larger bakeware or even Air Fryers. You can use these silicone baking tray dividers as containers for different food and ingredient when preparing for dinner and can also enjoy the meal from it directly. For more details and info of the product, please contact us!
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Item Package Quantity: 4
Experience brand new cooking and baking with XOMOO SSILICONE NONSTICK BAKING PAN DIVIDERS!

Practical New Design.
Unlike ordinary baking tray dividers, XOMOO nonstick silicone baking sheet pans are designed for the better using experience.
Each divider is designed with unfilled corner and reinforced rims for easy grabbing and moving when the food is freshly taken out of an oven. The bottoms are ribbed for better airflow and more even heating.

Premium Quality & Long-lasting.
Made of high-quality food-grade silicone and reinforced on the rims, XOMOO baking tray dividers are built to last.
No need to worry about unhealthy components generated after heating, these silicone baking gears will be your loyal kitchen assistant for years!

Easy Storage and Cleaning.
Having your convenience in mind, we specially designed these baking tray dividers to be stackable and space saving for easy storage in your kitchen and cabinets.
These baking tray dividers are also dishwasher safe, so you can leave the mess to the machine after enjoying delicious dinner.

Free Combination as You Like.
This set includes 4 baking tray dividers, 2 of which are 5 x 5 inch and the other 2 are 5 x 10 inch, perfect for all kinds of dishes and desserts.
You can easily combine them according to your plan and bake multiple dishes at a time!

Material: Food-Grade Silicone
Size:5 x 5 inch, 5 x 10 inch

2 x 5*5 inch Baking Tray Dividers
2 x 5*10 inch Baking Tray Dividers

Every product purchased from us comes with a 1-year warranty. If you ever meet any problem during using, please feel free to contact us, we are always ready to help!


47 reviews for Silicone Sheet Pan Set, XOMOO 4 PCS Nonstick Silicone Dividers for Baking Trays, Baking Pan Dividers with Ribbed Bottom, Baking Cooking Accessories for Oven Dinner Prep, Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer Safe.

  1. Kate Richardson

    Super convenient for cooking multiple things at once and easy to clean!

  2. Nikesh Patel

    I have used this product a handful of times already and I absolutely enjoyed it. I have used it in the air fryer & in the oven – makes the clean-up process smoother.

  3. Andrea Warren

    Nice and sturdy. Perfect size!

  4. Carla Smith

    Very helpful to minimize cooking efforts

  5. Lynn Truitt

    These are great to cook multiple items at once, and I like how thick they are. Easy to clean as well.

  6. Sarah Burke

    I like using this product instead of tin foil, makes less waste

  7. Kelly

    Love it! The little trays are so much easier to wash instead of the big baking trays. I have weak wrists so pulling these out and giving them a wash is 100x easier.

  8. Kimberly Watson

    Great product for meal prep. Reusable. Hoping to use as a replacement for aluminum foil on my sheet tray.

  9. Kelley Densham

    I really like the ability to section off my pan and cool in smaller batches

  10. Amanda M Lewis

    It’s a little smaller than expected, but well made. I did a test run and it’s worked well. I love the modular design and easy clean up. I am trying to lessen my environmental impact and I plan on using these to replace foil and most parchment paper uses.

  11. Lucille Winslow

    Great for cooking different vegetables that I do not like touching each other.
    Also great to put different things in at different times and then cook it all together on one sheet pan. Take it out at one time for a hot dinner!

  12. Lamonte Pennington

    I have been using a lot of silicone items in my home and kitchen lately. These non stick dividers seemed like they would fit perfectly in my life. So far they have been amazing and I am very pleased.

  13. Elizabeth Meyers

    They are great. There are multiple sizes that allow me to cook different amounts based on my family’s eating preferences.

  14. Catherine Madara

    Great product for keeping items separate on a basking sheet.

  15. Kristy Keller

    I’m excited to use product in my foodi

  16. julia byrd

    This is a great way to keep flavors separated and make cleanup easier

  17. Ty

    Small but very useful portion control


    i’m very excited to keep the flavors seperate

  19. Sandra Miranda

    It’s nice and silicone! Love it

  20. Katie Angelos

    Got it in the mail and tried it the same day and it was phenomenal. Easy clean up, food was cooked great using it, no mess!

  21. Shovan Bajracharya

    I wish the pans had a bit more height to be able to make cakes too.

  22. Sandra Latter

    I loved the nonstick functionality of the pans.

  23. James Englund

    These sectional pans are very convenient for cooking several different foods on the same sheet pan and keeping them separate. It’s great to be able to easily add a pan to a sheet in the oven and know it will fit without having to pull the sheet pan all the way out and rearrange the food already on it. Great convenience.

  24. Marilyn Hart

    I was going to purchase a similar product from The Grommet at twice the price. I’m glad I checked Amazon before spending $30 (plus postage)

  25. Brandi Pemberton

    Love these little trays, they fit perfectly in my little toaster oven!

  26. Kathy Leonard

    I very much like being able to cook several small items separate. also the clean us is marvelous.

  27. Jennifer Cushman

    I love this product. I’m a vegetarian and my husband is not. I can now cook all our food together on the same sheet pan with these awesome individual silicone bakeware. My food doesn’t touch his.

  28. chalane D Riley

    I live in small.spave I bought these to cook from my air fryer and I love them I cook for 2 this is perfect and wonderful.quality for the price im shocked

  29. Tiffany Turner

    I love that they are seperate compartments. I can cook multiple different foods at the same time.

  30. Susan Walker

    I would also use lunch plate and dinner plate sizes.

  31. Diana

    Easy to Clean. Easy to Use. Safe for the Environment. Love It!

  32. Megan Kinney

    Can’t wait to try it. Seems like a great product.

  33. qwrda s

    2EWTRFAEWHTQWE45GASBFGDFGHSDNFASEVRwq3rv2354wdfvsetaetbsdfgbasertaertsdfvasdfgbaerfgbadsfgbadft n

  34. Becky Denton

    It is the perfect size for my air fryer.


    I used it for the 1st time last night and I’m very impressed. I roast veggies every night with dinner. I know I will be using them daily.. Will be sharing them with the mother in law, I know she’s going to love them.

  36. Catherine Williford

    This product is very helpful when you want to cook several things but only want to use one pan for easier clean up. Loving them so far.


    We think that this is a great product for an older couple.

  38. Frank Bush

    I just received it from Amazon, so I have not had an opportunity to use them yet. Since I live alone these silicon sheet pans will allow me to prepare and bake recipes that are proportioned for one person.

  39. Jason Huber

    High quality bakeware, strong sides that are tall enough to contain food. No weird smell, easy to clean.

  40. Janet Lowry

    Just delivered today. I purchased the Silicone Sheet Pan Set, XOMOO 4PCS Nonstick Silicone Dividers for Baking Trays, Baking Pan Dividers with Ribbed Bottom, Baking Cooking Accessories for Oven Dinner Prep, Dishwasher Safe Air Fryer Safe. I live in a condo and I’m condensing my baking and cook wear.

  41. Philip Velez

    It is useful and compatible with most air fryers. I love being able to cook multiple things at once without having to use additional larger traditional sheet pans

  42. Betty L McDonald

    I love these baking trays. I love they way they feel. They are very sturdy and very easy to clean.. I use them in my Air Fryer. This is the best silicone product I have every bought. Most are thin. These are great!! Love them!!

  43. Cheryl Ollerton

    Great product. I use it with my freeze dryer.

  44. Tajah Moore

    I love that they are silicone and that you can choose to use the little pans or not to.

  45. Bethany M Nash

    Works great in both airfryer doesn’t collapse

  46. Rebecca Ponnay

    Very convenient, helps me not have to wash sheet trays as often.

  47. Christy Viccaro

    I’ve only used it once, I would have liked deeper dishes, but I do think these will be very useful!

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